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PROJECT CALM 4 (june 2017)

Why we love the Shipping Forecast, p36
'The iconic weather reports guide sailors but also provide comfort on land. Lottie Storey explores the appeal of this radio institution'

An artisan at work, p118
'Equipped with paper and paste, Clover Robin creates beautiful collages that reflect the natural world'

Travel Treasures, p120
'Create a collage using holiday ephemera and preserve those happy memories'

IN THE MOMENT 1 (July 2017)

Craft kits, p64
'This month, we've picked six lovely kits to tempt you to try something a little different, from calligraphy to cheese-making'

mollie makes 81 (june 2017)

Home tour, p46
'Teri Muncey shows us around her monochrome, minimal West London flat'


Back issues:


Following your passion with… Studio Arhoj, p26
‘Ceramicist Anders Arhoj takes us behind the scenes at his Danish design studio, where Scandi simplicity meets Japanese eccentricity’


Good Read, p37
‘Prices in the craft world vary so wildly it can be hard to know how to set them. How do you value your work, both in time and money?’


Home tour, p48
‘Tamsyn Morgans’ Norwich home is colourful and eclectic, with a vintage vibe’

mollie makes 78 (MARCH 2017)

Home tour, p48
'Sara Tasker's rustic home enjoys picturesque views across the Yorkshire hills'


First gigs, p99
'That initial live experience. The most pit, eardrums vibrating to a level that tickles the inside of your head, the utterly overwhelming, over-riding, unignorable force of it'

mollie makes 77 (March 2017)

Crafting for Good, p37
'More than just a hobby, crafting is a way to easily use existing skills to empower ourselves and others'


Cookbook Club Gathering, p24
'Where reading group meets supper club, this is a way to bring together friends and recipes for an evening of culinary fun'

mollie makes 76 (february 2017)

Home tour, p48
'SarahLou Francis lives and works from her dreamy, feminine home in Sussex'

mollie makes 76 (February 2017)

Making for Mindfulness, p37
'For years, makers have known about the calming benefits of creating, but how did mindfulness and crafting go mainstream?' 

mollie makes 74 (January 2017)

Comfort Blanket, p37
'Why is crafting in the colder months so restorative? We explore the tradition, ritual and natural rhythms of seasonal making' 


Dear Stranger, p45
'Author and poet, Jodi Ann Bickley heads up an ambitious letter-writing drive, sending personal pick-me-ups across the globe'

the simple things 49 (july 2016)

My city – Bristol, p66
'Our very own Bristolian, Lottie Storey, takes us on a tour of what's possibly Britain's coolest city...' 

OH COMELY 31 (JUNE 2016)

What we're reading, p51
'This issue, four writers share reflections on books set in the very place they read them. Lottie Storey writes about The French Riviera: Tender is the Night by F Scott Fitzgerald and Fifty Shades of Grey by EL James'

Mollie Makes 62 (January 2016)

Crafted Body Art, p39
'Committed crafters are becoming more prominent – and so are tattoos. We hear the stories behind the ink'


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