The Mount Athos Diet

Co-author of a major diet and lifestyle book  


Published by Vermilion (Penguin Random House) in May 2014, The Mount Athos Diet is a remarkable Mediterranean diet plan designed for weight loss and increased longevity. 

For centuries, the monks of Mount Athos have enjoyed long lives, healthy bodies and calm minds thanks to their unique diet and lifestyle. Lottie collaborated with two authors to tell the secrets of this intermittent diet that keeps the monks slim, youthful and largely free from disease.  

The diet is made up of three easy-to-follow patterns throughout the week:

- Three fasting days full of delicious fruits and vegetables from nature's larder
- Three moderation days to enjoy the best of the Mediterranean, including olive oil, fish and even red wine
- One feast day to completely indulge in whichever foods you like

With a simple diet plan, recipes, menu planners and tips on how to adapt the diet, plus guidance on exercise, meditation and emotional wellbeing, The Mount Athos Diet promises to transform your body and mind to help you lose weight, feel fitter and live longer.