This is Your Kingdom

regular contributor to a UK travel site


A directory of lovely things to see and do in the UK, This is Your Kingdom is fast becoming a must-read travel website. Named by The Independent as one of the top ten travel websites to watch (April 2013), This is Your Kingdom is written by taste-makers, eager to share the best the British Isles has to offer.

Lottie became a contributor to This is Your Kingdom in February 2013, adding a review to the site each month. A dream client, This is Your Kingdom allows Lottie to visit amazing places then write about them. Heaven.


What the client said

A read of Lottie's beautiful blog and we knew instantly that she would be a great addition to our team. Needing no guidance, she just 'got' what we did straight away and has delivered articles we're really proud to have on the site. She has great style and always manages to articulate that special something about a place that makes you long to go and discover it for yourself.


—Rebecca Gaunt, Editor